Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Westminster Council spends nearly £4m on twelve temporary staff

'Westminster Conservatives are spending £3,973,952 on 12 temporary staff, all of whom cost the cash-strapped Council over £500 a day. The highest paid temporary staff member, a Temporary Head of Regeneration and Partnerships, costs the Council £745 a day and has cost £453,446 for the 608 days the person has worked for the Council. A Senior Project Manager, costing £600 a day, has cost the Council £852,600 for 1,421 days’ work, while a Senior Business Analyst, costing £521 a day, has cost the Council £827,400 for 1,588 days’ work.
Overall, the Council spends £10.5 million a year on temporary staff and is planning to cut £52 million from the Council’s budget over the next two years.'

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