Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Director for Libraries Earns £103,689 plus private health insurance of £2,368 and car allowance of £2,808

Unfortunately this post is quite a large one but it will be more than worth the space.

On the 2nd March 2011 Marylebone Library closed early at 6pm on the advice of the security team and police blockage who were there to protect councillors who were to attend the cabinet meeting in the same building from the angry mob of mothers and toddlers who waited outside in the cold. 

During the meeting one of the labour minority suggested that all staff earning over £100,000 should take a pay-cut of 5% if only to show that the distribution of austerity measures were not completely targeting the poor. He was promptly dismissed by one of the Conservative councillors who claimed that the £3M saving that this would generate was not worth bothering with, the irony being that Library assistants working Sundays will be expected to take a reduction in wages to save £40k. 

The Old Marylebone Town Hall and Marylebone Library, which is currently up for sale, was host to a cabinet of conservative councillors who denied making cuts to services in areas where staff had received letters that they were vulnerable to redundancy. 

Consistently the Labour party was blamed for the GLOBAL BANKING CRISIS (although it was accepted that the banks were partially to blame) despite, WCC officers investing £17.5M into Icelandic banks when most knew it was a bad idea, £4M on temp staff one of whom has earned £745 per day for the last 6 years and with two senior officers earning more than the Prime Minister and 25 earning over £100,000 plus health plans, plus bonuses, plus car and accommodation allowance.

The Director for Libraries, David Ruse is announced to be earning £103,689 in 2009/2010, plus private health insurance of £2,368 and car allowance of £2,808 and with the a bonus of £35,000 and further entitlement for an annual increase in salary. The document below gives details of earning for the council's senior officers, please follow the link below.


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  1. The philosophy of suffering of our director
    The Director for Libraries Earns £103,689 plus private health insurance of £2,368 and car allowance of £2,808.
    Oh Jeez! I can't imagine how difficult life must be earning more than the equivalent to 4 LA posts, (those who are being encouraged to take voluntary redundancy).
    Yeah! Life must be plenty of tough decisions like:
    1) How much money to spend in a Xmast dinner
    2) How much of the restructuration plan for libraries should be hidden so the library staff is unaware of what is going to happen with them. (Let me guess, massive redundancies on the horizon, worst contract and work conditions …)
    But, let’s be fare. David Ruse said, no long ago, that library staff wouldn’t suffer with the changes. Let face it. Suffering is just a concept that vary according to the: cultural values, times and secret agendas.