Thursday, 1 December 2011

Dossier of Hypocrisy - by Unite

The Unite union have compiled a “dossier of hypocrisy” that shows how long Cabinet ministers would have to work on the MPs pension scheme to get what local government workers can expect to receive.

George Osborne would only have to work 1 ½ years to earn a typical LGPS pension of £5,600/year.

A typical local government worker would have to work 124 years to get a pension equal to what Communities & Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles would receive if he retired in 2015.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has a pension almost 10 times higher than the average health worker.

A typical public sector worker would have to work 3 lifetimes to earn Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude’s pension & 2 lifetimes to earn Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander’s pension

These are the entitlements for Ministers in a Government that has the audacity to say [public sector] pensions are gold plated!

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